Thursday, September 1, 2016

Every spring people make the drive north
to Skagit county to see the fields of tulips,
 daffodils and the snow geese.
We are no different. Well actually we head
north to get away from the city and be 
in the natural world, the fields are on the way.

One a Day in the Garden

The daffodils were the only flowers blooming on this day.

You can see the field next to them hasn't bloomed yet.

This looks like just daffodils doesn't it but if you look closely
at the back of the photo you will see a blur of white. 

Here at the back of the daffodil field are the snow geese, this
is just one field of snow geese and you can find fields
and fields of these geese and daffodils and eventually tulips.

Aren't they stunning.

Here is a preview of  the next post, the next
post shows you where we went and what
we I was there for. I'm not sure
what the rest of the group goes for
but I love this place!!!
The wildflowers were just starting to bloom,
come back and see the rest tomorrow.
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