Tuesday, August 30, 2016

These flowers bloomed late, late summer
and now that the rains have come there is
no one outside enjoying the flowers.

While the flowers are quite pretty they have this
tendency to flop over and they are late to
the party of summer.
I'm happy to see them but it is a bit sad that
they are a difficult to enjoy flower -
if the plant stood tall and proud I would
be able to see the flowers from my front
door but because they flop over I never see them. One a Day in the Garden

Sure I can stake them but I don't. 
I think it's time to move these beauties to where
they will be better enjoyed and I will
be more likely to stake them.
Speaking of staking plants/flowers there is
 a bit of an issue!
During the rainy season it is quite easy to push a stake
in the ground but when the dry season (summer) is
upon us it is impossible to get a stake in the ground-
On top of that during the dry season stakes seem 
to get pushed up out of the soil and pop out on their own!

Staking isn't as simple as it seems and I am
rethinking plants that need staking!!!!!
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