Sunday, August 28, 2016

Back in February we put up a hoop house,
you can see it here.
The seeds came up decently and they are
far ahead of similar plants without the protection.
About a month back I planted seeds in an unprotected
bed and they are barely an inch tall so if I'm comparing
the 2 then the hoop house wins!
It was past time to weed in there, the grass clippings
are placed between plants to keep the
weeds down and to feed the soil.
When I put this garden bed in the soil was, well 
it was somewhat missing. Digging out the grass takes
away a fair amount of the soil and we replaced it with
potting mix because that was what we had!
Maybe not the best choice, I think aged compost
may have been a better idea but then I would have
had to head to the store and I didn't want to!!!

Things seem to be growing alright but it does tend to 
try out a bit. When these spring veggies are done 
the peppers will go in here, I think that will be 
a great success! 
Amazing color on these 2 veggies, purple kohlrabi
and beets!
In a neighboring bed peas were planted, I'm thinking
I should have covered them with floating row
cover as the growth has been slow and the soil
is still cold.
BUT WAIT - our temps are to hit almost 80 this weekend,
warmth arrives a bit late!!!
I expect the soil to warm up on it's own now
and the peas to shoot up like rockets!!!!!
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