Thursday, April 14, 2016

One A Day In The Garden, what is it? Each day a different picture will be posted, make sure to stop by often.

Lemon balm to me is a must have that I don't put much importance on.
Makes no sense really, I like the smell, I rub the plant on
my skin to repel insects and I ALWAYS grow it but
I don't love it.

These are current pictures which lets you know how
it holds up to our fall rains,
a hard freeze will cut it back though.

It's nice next to the fence, it peeks through, I like it.
As you go through the fence you brush against it,
I always run my fingers through it for the light lemon scent.

I like the way it looks, rather pretty
when the growth is new but kind of leggy as
it goes to flower. It goes to flower quickly but
it doesn't look so great if you cut it back.

Oh and I love it's name: Melissa Officinalis!
In my opinion it isn't a great herb for drying, the flavor
just doesn't seem to come through.
The only thing I use it for is herb water
on a hot summers day.

Herb Water
Fill a pitcher with filter water
Add a small amount of sweetener- 1tsp
your choice - honey, stevia, sugar

Fresh sprigs of your choice:
Lemon Balm

Let stand for a half hour before drinking.
Serve chilled....
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