Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Me too! I'm assuming you are busy,
At this time of year when the weather is just 
warming up I am so very busy.
The weeds are busting out all over the place
and I am trying my hardest to nip them
in the bud.
I'm also getting tired, burnt and worn the heck out!
The weeds here do very well and I've yet to 
get a grip on them, it seems when I win the battle
in one area I lose it in another. 
This is where the wildflowers resided last year
alas now it is where the weeds reside.
I have big plans for this area, if I can just 
get rid of the weeds!!!
These 2 areas are side by side.
Some plants, some weeds. Mostly the plants are getting moved
and the goal is to put fruit trees in here.
 It seems like these projects are slow to finish,
maybe because I'm now tired from weeding
and moving plants day after day.
I really enjoy fruit trees, this could be a mini orchard
and one day we can have dinner in the orchard
with our friends. Yeah that's it!
I'm so tired I can't see this ever getting finished
but tomorrow is another day and I
love working outside.
Now for the fun stuff!

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